Pinkfong First English Premium Book Collection with Pinkfong Smart Pen
Sing, Play, Learn with Pinkfong First English. Sing along to Pinkfong Songs loved by millions of kids around the world! Give your kids a jump-start for learning in a fun way! Encourage self-paced independent learning!
Components: 100 Song Cards, 2 Play Books, Alphabet Bus, 4 Word Books, 2 Song Books, Smart Pen
Pinkfong Smart Pen: Touch the Smart Pen for all books and song cards in Pinkfong First English. Voiced by native speakers, learning new words and sentences have never been so easy. Click each page with the Smart Pen to listen to the 
                        world famous Pinkfong songs. Children will definitely click again for repeat!
STEP : Approach English for the First Time. Learn alphabets with the Alphabet Bus. Explore A to Z from phonics,  letters to words through interactive buttons. Perfect way to build vocabulary and learn motor skills.
STEP : Have Fun with English. Sing songs, read stories, and learn words through chants with Mother Goose. Learning English can be fun!
STEP : Get Familiar with English Words. Listen to the First Words, get familiar with concepts! (Chinese, Korean language options available)
STEP : Playing in English. Play Books allow children to polish words into sentences that they learned from Word Books. Introduction to broader scope of words and expressions with Pinkfong’s own best hit songs.
STEP : Sing and Repeat to Ace at English. Carry your Song Cards wherever you go! Singing is the ultimate way to refine your children’s language speaking skills.
Additional Purchase Item. Touch and Listen, Touch and Watch! Introducing Interactive Pinkfong Beam Projector. Enjoy 900 pre-installed Pinkfong videos. Pinkfong Beam Projector is compatible with Pinkfong First English by using Pinkfong Smart Pen.Featuring Bluetooth on both devices, simply click Song Books and Song Cards with the Smart Pen, and matching videos will be played on the Beam Projector. Help your children learn English in a smart and engaging way.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT. For Any Defective Items Including Books & Alphabet Bus: Please contact the official seller that you bought the product from. For Any Malfunctions in Pinkfong Smart Pen: 1 year, free-of-charge repair warranty available. Please see the guideline attached in the Pinkfong Smart Pen package for more details. International shipping fee not supported during the warranty period.
                        After repair, the device may reset and personal content may be removed. For more information, please contact the official seller you bought the product from.